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Pro Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

OBANBEAUTY as a name Brand was established in 2011. Prior to this time, dating back to 2003 OBANBEAUTY began as a hobby providing these services for only family and friends. With word of mouth and referrals we gained widespread popularity and soon after became available to the general public and a business was born. Apart from weddings and private clients, We now work with some of the top creatives and service providers in the industry producing materials and Images being featured in Top UK and International Magazines.


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Nicole O. Banwo

Nicole O. Banwo

Pro Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
OBANBEAUTY is a freelance makeup artist and Hair Stylist based in UK and is available worldwide.
As a service provider, I work relatively with every client to achieve and possibly exceed their desired outcome, bringing imagination to reality.
Having a naturally gifted skill with hair and makeup artistry and an eye for details, I produce outstanding results tailored to your natural beauty.
With a warm and friendly personality I make every client feel comfortable and relaxed making every experience memorable.

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